What happens next if you decide to apply for a rental property?


Below is our step by step guide to help explain exactly what happens during the rental process.

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What we need from you


Firstly, we'll need the full name, address, date of birth, email contact, and telephone number for everyone who is going to be a tenant and live at the property.

We'll also need to see a passport or driving licence and a utility bill for everyone aged 18 or over who will be living at the property due to government Right to Rent Requirements. If you haven’t got these documents please talk to us and we can suggest other documents that you may have.


We will usually meet you and take a photograph of the documents. Once we have downloaded them onto our system they are deleted from our phones.

You will be emailed a copy of the EPC for the property, a How To Rent Guide, and - if available - a current gas safety certificate. We will need you to email us back confirming you have received and read these documents.




We use an independent referencing company to carry out our referencing checks. The company will email each Tenant an application form that they will have to complete online.

If you're struggling with this part of the process we're always here to help guide you through any online forms, so please do not hesitate to contact us.


Once the referencing checks have been completed, we will confirm a move in date with you. Then, you will be sent a copy of the proposed tenancy agreement to read through before signing original copies.


Before you move in

A Property Inventory will be carried out of the property. This means an independent photographer will photograph every aspect of the property in the condition it is in before you move in. A copy of this will be sent to you around two days before you move in. At this stage, the lead tenant has to sign to say they have received it. However, do not sign to say you have checked the contents of the inventory - you will sign this once you've moved in.

Paying funds and signing contracts: you will be asked to transfer your deposit and first months’ rent into the relevant account at least 24 hours before your move in date. We will arrange to meet with you at your current home, or at your new property sign all legal documents. You will need to bring your passport to this appointment.


Moving in

We will arrange to meet you at the property to hand over keys and deal with any initial queries. We will also test smoke alarms again at this stage to make sure they are all working. You will be asked to sign a declaration confirming this.

Confirming Inventory Comments: you will have 48 hours to have a look through the Inventory and confirm that you agree with the contents. When you access the Inventory, you can say if you agree or disagree with the contents and description. If you disagree you can add comments and take additional photographs.

We will receive a copy of your comments about the Inventory and have a look through.
If we disagree with any points we will call you to discuss this. Otherwise, this is now the final copy that will be used to assess the condition before and after you end your tenancy and leave the property.

We will write to Gas, Electricity, Water, providers and the Council regarding your Council Tax but suggest that you also contact them to confirm your details. The names of the current providers are included in your Inventory.



You will be emailed a copy of your Tenancy Deposit Certificate and Prescribed Information. This will prove that your deposit is fully protected and safe. You also receive a copy of a booklet explaining what your deposit can be used for and how it is dealt with in the event of a dispute.


After you move in

Congratulations on moving into your new home!


If the tenancy is a Managed Let – you will need to contact us with any queries or repair issues you may have.

We will also carry out property visits every four months and will contact you to let you know when these will be done (with your consent).

If the tenancy is Let Only, we will provide you with the Landlords contact details and you will deal with them directly after the Inventory has been checked and your deposit certificate and any other documents you may need have been emailed to you.

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